Bejeweled 32.0

Engage in endless gem-matching fun and soar to dazzling new heights
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Bejeweled 2 is a classic game in which you can try four different play modes: Classic, Action, Puzzle and Endless. You will have a board full of colored gems. You need to swap identical gems . Swap adjacent gems to make sets of three. If you have the option of swapping four gems that will create a power gem that, when swapping it too, will give you extra points. If you swap five gems, that will create a hyper cube which will help you to get to the next level faster . In Classic mode simply relax and swap! Play at your leisure. In Action mode, however, you need to beat the clock in order to get to the next level. Be aware though, that every time you complete a level the clock runs faster so do not hurry to complete levels if you want to get more points and get the higher score! Enjoy and see the different backgrounds for different levels with fantastic sound effects. If you are running out of time you also have the possibility of using the hint button which will indicate possible moves. But, every time you press the hint button, the clock runs faster and you will have less time to complete the level.

Test yourself in Puzzle level by clearing off all the puzzles!
In Endless mode, you need to complete fifteen levels but , again, the sooner you complete each level , the faster the clock will run! Compete with friends and see who will be the next Bejeweled Master!

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  • More levels with improved graphics
  • Great audio


  • Not free
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